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Work From Home - Low cost, Fast, Secure.


Awingu (a Belgium company) is the software to turn to when you're looking to enable Work from Home (Anywhere) on any device, fast! Works with all your existing on-prem applications and files and is easy to manage. Ask us.



theBPR (business process recorder) is the fastest way to capture, organize and distribute visual knowledge for maximum business continuity. It is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to create online manuals for your customers. Customers world-wide use The BPR to improve their business processes every day. Ask us.


FPMask - A certified and comfortable face mask for professionals with a replaceable filter - sourced and produced in Europe.


We are excited to represent the re-mind from Remind2Change in The Netherlands. This innovation helps a variety of Medical Professionals such as Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Special Ed and Dentists to augment their therapy efforts with patients who are in need of changing habits and/or behavior. This device is small enough to be considered non-intrusive (and no need for your phone all the time either) in use and it adepts over time with randomized vibrations to help you remember to make the change such as adjusting your posture, stop biting nails, stop binge eating and more. It's very well suited to support changes of help with focussing for people with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism. re-mind aims to build channels in the US and Canada and is particularly interested in working with the professional associations of special education, therapists, dentists and doctors. 


The re-mind is for sale through Amazon or you can contact LifLaf directly for larger quantities with discounts.


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biiji is a brand developed and managed by Liflaf and it has been around since 2017.


biiji Face & Body Scrub is an Exclusive All Natural Body Scrub made out of pinewood, originating from Finland. 


biiji Face & Body Scrub is a luxurious alternative to (harsh) salt scrubs. Our Scrub is applied the same as salt scrubs but the big difference is that it is made of Organic Pine Wood. Our Scrub is gentle, soap-free and pH neutral making it suitable for daily use, even for most sensitive skin types.

Our Scrub is used by Sauna’s worldwide and recommended for skin cleansing and massages.  




HEED Financial Services specializes in representing a business in the restructuring, negotiation and liquidation of problem business debt. Other services we provide are capital acquisition and we consult on business process improvements and automation. 




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