We offer counseling services to a diverse range of clients - from various industries - that want to focus on the North American market.

Sales counseling & Brand development/concepting


From direct to (omni) channel models, we will research the market & possibilities and design the best approach.    

(Sales) Operations and Automation counseling


We have a diverse base of counselors that understand - industry specific - business and technology. We can help you find out what technology is available for your organization and how to best navigate cost savings and scale business. We provide 'mainstreet' SMB to larger corporations with best of breed practices and options. From cloud to on prem or hybrid solutions, from POS to ERP. We can audit your processes and provide a fresh outside look. 

Marketing & Trade-show support


We're quite creative. Let us help you and your marketing teams with ideas and new avenues. We work together with agencies that are far from conventional. We can be hands on to the point where we man your booth at shows when you're a man short (or simply don't want to travel, safe costs)

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