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We currently are engaged with:

SOS Software Service

Value Added Software Distribution at it's best. Serving the EMEA market from multiple locations, HQ in the DACH region. The goto distributor for software vendors.


From accounting to the shop floor The BPR offers a single cloud-based solution for every instruction your organization uses. Accessible anywhere, The BPR will make every-day work more efficient, and our emphasis on visual instructions makes training more fast & meaningful.

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Inspiring Change.. 

benbenet is a worldwide ultralow cost communications and financial transaction system, that will activate (and educate) 4 billion underprivileged people in this world. 

benbenet will become the most substantial basis of a sustainable world society of 9 billion people in 2037. Ubiquitous and free (communication) for users.

HEED (small) Business Support & Financial Services

Help and ongoing support with Overdue Invoices (lawsuits, judgments), Debt Restructuring, Capital Acquisition, IT, Operations and other Business Support services.